10/06/2010 Registration to the Conference is now open.
10/06/2010 On 29/09/2010 at the afternoon after the closing of the Conference a meeting organized by the Greek Ceramic Society with title "Electroceramics and Applications" will take place.
12/06/2010 The category of metallic materials is added in the topic group 7.
18/06/2010 Renewed list of invited speakers.
1/07/2010 Deadline for submission of abstracts extended until 10th of July 2010.
14/07/2010 Renewed list of invited speakers.
23/07/2010 The scientific topics 'Photonics and optoelectronics' and 'Electronic and optical properties, semiconductors and devices' have been merged to one topic.
30/07/2010 The announcement of the Conference Program is postponed to August 4.
04/08/2010 Announcement of the Conference Program.
30/08/2010 Last-minute poster submissions open until September 5th.
16/09/2010 Final version of the Conference Program.