Conference Venue

     The conference will be hosted at the Conference Center ‘Carolos Papoulias’ of the University of Ioannina, which is located at the center of the University campus (attached to the Medical School). The Conference Center’s auditorium can host more than 250 persons and provides also space for the exhibition of the poster presentations.
     The University’s lunch and dining hall is located at a 2 minutes walking distance from the Conference center inside the campus. The University campus is located at the south-west suburbs of the city of Ioannina in a distance of 8 kilometers from the city center. There are very frequent bus connections from the city center (lines 10, 16, 17) to the campus.
     The town of Ioannina can be reached by direct air flights from Athens (duration of about 30 minutes) and by car or bus from Thessaloniki (about 2.5 hours), Patras (about 3 hours) and Igoumenitsa (about 40 minutes).