OnLine Paper Submission

     The Conference program includes plenary presentations, invited presentations, oral presentations and poster sessions. At the kickoff of the Conference the abstract Proceedings will be distributed to the registered participants.

     Abstracts should be written in English and should have length no more than 2 A4 pages, following the template given HERE.

     The Organizing Committee of the XXVI Panhellenic Conference on Solid State Physics and Materials Science, following relative requests, has decided to provide an extra last-minute poster submission period, with deadline on Sunday the 5th of September 2010. These works must be presented to the Conference exclusively in the form of poster presentation and the relative text (following the instructions contained in the template) must be submitted until the deadline (5/9/2010) to the electronic address of the Conference: Please send your abstracts in Word (.doc) format following the instructions included in the template.

     The abstract files should be named following the form:
authornameI_T_F.doc where:
authorname the first authorís surname,
the rank number in case of multiple abstract submissions by the same first author,
T=1-7 the scientific topic number taken from the relative list,
F=P for poster presentation.